The first first day of school

August 1, 1973 in Remember When

Here’s where our story begins.  Since exact dates are going to be hard to find, for starters we’ll just use the first of the month for events in the month.  If the month isn’t known then we’ll just use August 1 for things from 1st semester or from that school year, January 1st for things happening in the spring or second half of the year and June 1st for things that happened in the summertime.  Make sense?  You’ll catch on.  And until we figure out a better way to do it, we’ll just put different stories and memories in the same post.  Here’s an example:

Mike Kelsey: This was the year I started kindergarten.  Whether true or not, my mom has always told the story of bringing me in for school in the fall of ’72.  Since my birthday’s in late September, I could either be one of the youngest kids in the class of ’85 or one of the oldest kids in the class of ’86.  She wasn’t sure when talking to the principal which to do.  While considering she looked down at me and I was chewing on the corner of the table.  She decided maybe it would be best if I waited just one more year.  And that’s how I became an ’86’er.

<other kindergarten related stories will go here unless a more appropriate date makes sense estimates are OK>

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